Childrens’ Corner 2021

A regular feature from our Monthly Newsletters to Parents, written by our Teachers.

February 2021

“Hand in hand with fairy grace, will we sing and dance and bless this place!”
– A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Well, the talk of the town here at Pathways Kindergarten is all about our new fairy door!! This creates a magical way for our tamariki to say good-bye to their parents in the morning – and of course farewell to their friends at pick up time in the afternoons!! While transitions can be difficult for children, they also have their amazing imaginations to help them through these times. It is through imagination that children learn to be resilient in a safe and non-threatening way, so the more we can create these magical moments, the more we can facilitate easy transitions.

The Gingerbread man has also joined us here at Pathways during story time. This version of the story has some extra humourous sayings, so if you hear your tamariki come home with sayings such as “jelly doughnuts”, “ginger snaps”, or “lemon cheesecake”, you will have an idea of what Gingerbread Fred has been up too!

It is so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G to have our children back at kindergarten… Watch this space for the fun, laughter and learning we have in store!!