Flowform in our Garden

Flowform in Rotorua

In the far corner of our Rotorua Pathways Kindergarten garden is an interesting and attractive water feature, more correctly known as a Flowform, which the children use for fishing, sailing walnut boats after the Spring Fair, collecting water to use elsewhere or to just watch the movement of the water.

Playgrounds with a Flowform appear to influence development of many senses, as well as giving children who do not have a relationship with nature the opportunity to observe and experience the flow of water.

Observations have shown how positively children react to the rhythmic movements of a Flowform. Overactive children tend to calm down and become more focused, introverted children become more engaged, and social skills with co-operative language tends to develop.

“Water is not only fundamental to life, but essential for the cycles and changes in nature.”
John Wilkes – Inventor of Flowforms

Flowform at Kindy